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Help! Lilo Problems with NT and Debian Linux


 I am running sid and kernel 2.4.8.  I had copied /bootsect.lnx
 into c:\ so that I would be given a choice to boot into NT or linux.
 After I installed kernel 2.4.8 and I chose linux, I would get LI 
 and the machine would hang up. So whenever I used to linux I had to
 boot from a floppy disk. 

 I found in the /etc/lilo.conf that the first line was boot=/dev/sda2.
 The documentation gave me the impression that  it should be
 /dev/sda. I thought this was the problem, so I changed to the line to
 read boot=/dev/sda, ran lilo, did dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/bootsect.lnx,
 bs=512 count=1.

 Now I find that when I boot up with no floppy disk, NT does not come
 up, instead it says it can't find a boot loader in the floppy, and it
 can't fint a boot load on the SCSI disk.  Since I am not
 booting properly, I can't get into NT to copy the bootsect.lnx into
 C:\. I changed the line in
 lilo.conf back to boot=/dev/sda2, ran lilo, but I still have the
 same problem that I can't boot up into NT.

 Maybe the first line should be boot=/dev/sda and I should do
 dd if=/dev/sda of=/bootsect.lnx ?
 Any suggestion for safely recovering so that I can boot up into
 WIndows, and also chose linux from the menu rather than always use a
 floppy to boot into linux?


Sebastian Canagaratna
Department of Chemistry
Ohio Northern University

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