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Re: Dual Boot with XP

On Tuesday 28 May 2002 23:17, Keith O'Connell wrote:

> I am surprised - I was under the impression that XP was hostile to
> Linux and you had to be sneaky to get it to work. So, am I right
> then;
> 	1: install XP to hda1
> 	2: install Debian to hdb1-7
> 	3: install lilo to hda
> 	4: edit lilo.conf as above
> 	5: run lilo
> 	6: reboot and select as appropriate
> Is the right things in the right order?

It doesn't really matter in which order you install XP and Linux. The 
main problem however is that Windoze tends to overwrite the boot sector 
with its own, so you need a way to install any boot manager that can 
boot Linux. I'm using mtboot, a little freeware program I found 
somewhere (don't ask me where, I forgot). It provides a nice menu, can 
hide partitions and even boot ROM images. The downside is that you need 
a pure DOS to install it.

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