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Re: OT: debian-beer (was Re: wrapping [was: Re: disable paragraph flows in mozilla?])

Paul Johnson wrote:

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 10:23:23AM +0930, Tom Cook wrote:

Oh, good Lord, no.  No no no no no.  Fosters is what we _export_.  Try
to find Coopers' Ales (pale or dark), Carlton United Breweries Crown
Lager or Cold Filtered.  Don't *ever* drink Australian beer from a
can, it's just not worth it.  In fact don't drink *any* beer from a
can (except possibly Caffrey's Ale).

No beverage, be it beer or soda, should ever be consumed from a plastic
bottle.  What is wrong with this country (.us) that we have to sink to
the level of consuming plastic flavored soda?

Fortunately, there's a few Mexican markets up the highway from where I
live, where you can still get CocaCola in the pint sized glass bottles,
made with real sugar instead of that corn syrup BS.  It *IS* original
formula Coke, sans the cocaine.  Damn good stuff, makes the American
Coke taste like Diet Pepsi by contrast.  And I truly hope someone who
works for Coke is reading this (as unlikely as they are to read this
faceslap), its insulting that you give your fellow countrymen the worst
of the product.

Actually, when I was working in California I discovered that the Foster's there is brewed under license in Canada. I actually had a lot of fun when Americans would try to sell me Fosters - I'd pull out my ID and tell them "I'm Mr Foster from Australia and that is NOT my beer". This would usually result in a night of free drinks for me and my friends, as locals plyed "The guy who makes Fosters" with the local brews.

John P Foster.

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