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Re: Change compile options wi/ apt-get source?

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 09:01:22AM -0400, Nathan Weston wrote:
| On Tuesday 14 May 2002 01:50 am, dman wrote:
| > On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 11:36:04PM -0400, Nathan Weston wrote:
| > | Can I specify a default CFLAGS to use?
| >
| > Sure :
| >
| > $ apt-get source foo
| > $ cd foo-version
| > $ fakeroot ./debian/rules binary CFLAGS="-I/my/include/dir"

FYI I just did this with the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS variable to get a debug
version of jabber.
| Nope, that doesn't seem to do it. At least in the package I tested (aterm), 
| ./debian/rules overrides the CFLAGS setting. If I edit rules by hand I can 
| succesfully change the CFLAGS, which is not as convenient as I had hoped, but 
| it should do the trick. 

Maybe it's a bug in aterm's Makefile?  I thought environment variables
specified on the commandline overrode ones in the Makefile itself, but
it may be that the Makefile has to be written with that in mind.

| BTW, apt-get source --compile will download and build in one step.

I didn't know that.  Thanks.



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