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Re: problems with cyrus (sid) on woody


Carel Fellinger wrote:

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 05:26:32PM +0200, ke@helinet.de wrote:
How did you manage?
Whatever I try, I can't get authorisation to work:(

Oops, at which point do you stuck? Everything is working fine now at my side.:-) For authorisation I use PAM with mysql.

Good to hear it's working, so it must be possible:)

I simply installed woody and added sid's cyrus21* packages.  Trying to
run cyradm or `nc localhost imap' gives me `badlogin:...plaintext or
cram-md5' errors in /var/log/mail.

I had this problem too until I found out that it's a matter of access rights... If u r using saslauthd2, u have to grant access right to /etc/sasldb2 for your cyrus user (i.e. cyrus.mail) If u r using saslauthd, the file would be /etc/sasldb

Hope that helps


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