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Re: make bin image

* Ernst-Magne Vindal (ernst@opera.com) [020506 02:54]:
> On Mon, 2002-05-06 at 09:50, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> Thanks, that works fine, on almost any cd:)
> I have a problem with am movie. The fileformat is mpg2 and the file is
> splitted up to tre cd's. It seames like no matther what or how I am
> trying to copy, dd, tar or whatewer, the same is happening every time. I
> am getting an error ( io error) bacause it cant find the end of the
> file. (Of cause it cant find it, its on cd3)
> any ideas?

This shouldn't have anything to do with the end of the file. dd doesn't
deal with files, it just takes bits from input and sticks them on
output. In this case, telling it to read from the raw cd device, it will
just read all of the bits from the disc and dump them in a file called

The disc works fine? If you're getting an ioerror, it sounds like it
might be scratched or something; the drive is having difficulty reading
from the disc. I can't be sure, though. Can you paste in the exact
message that you see?

In the case of a file split up onto 3 discs, you should be able to just
dd them off and append them together and it should be fine.

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