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Re: courier-imap and windows mail client

On Sat, 27 Apr 2002 17:22:46 -0500, dman wrote:

>I also need recommendations for a win32 mail client that can handle
>IMAP and preferrably gpg/pgp.  I've heard good reports in the past
>about Pegasus, but how is it for gpg?

Forte Agent is very nice in Win32.  There is no gpg or pgp. It does
handle IMAP and POP3.  It does allow for sorting and kill filters, with
a quick setup or using regexps on any field.  It is text based, and
allows reading of raw text on html or any other crap.  I've caught
several viral attacks w/o infection in the 2 1/2 yrs I've used it.  HTML
is rendered by the default browser with a click on the HTML attachment.
Agent also warns if any attachment is executable (that has helped when I
thought I had an innocent graphic).  Speed is nice, with 15,000+ msg
folders loading in about 1 sec.  For a Win app, it is a nicely usable,
paranoid mail client.

Support has been great.  They answer email the next day.  In my case, my
ISP bundled it (with the news agent hard coded to their servers) with
their other stuff.  When I changed ISP, Forte sent me the key to unlock
an upgraded download, and I have since upgraded w/o charge.


Which brings us to the cons.  It ain't free as in speech or beer.  I
think it's $30US.  For my peace of mind on a Winbox, it would be worth
it even if I had paid for it. :)
It is interesting to note that as one evil empire (generic) fell,
another Evil Empire (tm)  began its nefarious rise. -- me
Coincidence?  I think not.

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