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courier-imap and windows mail client

I just install courier-imap on my system to let my dad receive mail on
it.  The documentation is exceedingly sparse.  I couldn't even find
any mention of where it expects the folders to be.  I managed to work
out that I need a symlink from ~/Maildir to /var/mail/$USER.

Is there any way I can change it to use /var/mail/$USER for the INBOX
and normally-named directories under ~/Mail for subfolders?  I found
that if I create a subfolder named "foo" it will be stored in

I also need recommendations for a win32 mail client that can handle
IMAP and preferrably gpg/pgp.  I've heard good reports in the past
about Pegasus, but how is it for gpg?  Here's the list of win32 MUAs
I'm familiar with :
   Lookout/Lookout Express  (never!)
   Lotus Notes              (not a chance!)
   Netscape Messenger       (works but not the greatest, slow and bloated)
   Eudora                   (is it ok?)
   Pegasus Mail             (supposedly good, never tried it)
   The Bat!                 (don't know much)
   mutt                     (yeah! ;-), but not for my dad)
   gnus                     (? if emacs runs ..., not going to happen either)



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