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Re: How was the slink --> potato switch? How will be potato --> woody? When?

"Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim" <rms46@vlsm.org> wrote on 26/04/2002 (16:57) :
> Hello Again:
> Apology for my poor english. Let me try again to express my
> concerns:
> I believe that most packages will be upgraded when stable
> is changed from potato to woody. I guess that that process
> will be relatively slower since it has to delete/ replace
> the old packages first before installing the new ones. 
> Therefore, why not just installing from scratch?
> My own workstation is already a woody. It was a nightmare
> as well as slow when I switched from potato to woody a couple 
> of months ago. I noticed that installing from scratch is
> faster (I was installing another system from scratch that time).
> There are a couple of potato production servers at my place.
> I copied the package list from one of that server by using 
> "dpkg --get-selections". Then I installed a new test system
> using that package list (using dpkg --set-selections).
> First, I installed the potato set, then I tried to upgrade
> it to woody. OK, I did not use "apt-get" for upgrading. 
> Instead, I was using "dselect". The upgrade process was slow, 
> because many interactive questions were asked.
> Therefore, I believe (unlike security patch), that the 
> upgrading process from potato to woody will not be a "10 minute" 
> one. Especially, for the ones who maintaining a server farm.
> Thus, I would like to know, how **LONG** after woody release, will 
> potato be kept at the mirrors, before it will be put to the 
> archive server.

I don't know, but I expect not long.

Do apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade instead of dselect. Do not

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