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How was the slink --> potato switch? How will be potato --> woody? When?


I have just tested this following:
- get a packet copy using "dpkg --get-selections"
- put it to a new installed system using "dpkg --set-selections"
- after installing potato, I changed the sources.list dist to woody
- besides very slow, it was not straight forward since many 
  packages were deleted, but some replacements were not 
  installed (e.g. sawmill --> sawfish).

Fortunately, it was just a test system, and not a production one.

- may I know what happened during the slink-potato switch period?
- was there a sufficient grace period before slink was deleted
  from the mirrors?
- may I know where to get information about potato to woody switch
  plan? what will happen on "May 1st" ?
- what is better: to use "potato" or "stable" in the production
  systems' sources.list?
- is there a way to keep/ save all configuration files, and then
  installing woody from scratch (which is faster)?


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