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How to speed up fetching mail


I'm trying to speed up failfetching via my modem. I've got four accounts
to fetch mail from, i'm running spamassassin and sanitizer. My problem
is: Every mail is fetched, scanned, delivered into my mailbox and
afterwards deleted from the pop-server. That takes more than one second
per mail, this makes 2-3 minutes only for debian-user per day (if i
fetch every day). Now how can I reduce the online time? Is there some
way to scan/sanitize the mail in background? Or at least fetch from the
accounts parallelly? I tried retchmail from unstable but it somehow
segfaulted and i skipped it. now I use getmail and like it, apart from
speed (fetchmail was no better). What can I do? 



Karsten Heymann <karsten.heymann@gmx.de> <karsten@ecology.uni-kiel.de>
CAU-University Kiel, Germany
Registered Linux User #221014                  (http://counter.li.org)

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