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Re: How to speed up fetching mail

* Karsten Heymann (karsten.heymann@gmx.de) [020426 04:56]:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to speed up failfetching via my modem. I've got four accounts
> to fetch mail from, i'm running spamassassin and sanitizer. My problem
> is: Every mail is fetched, scanned, delivered into my mailbox and
> afterwards deleted from the pop-server. That takes more than one second
> per mail, this makes 2-3 minutes only for debian-user per day (if i
> fetch every day). Now how can I reduce the online time? Is there some
> way to scan/sanitize the mail in background? Or at least fetch from the
> accounts parallelly? I tried retchmail from unstable but it somehow
> segfaulted and i skipped it. now I use getmail and like it, apart from
> speed (fetchmail was no better). What can I do? 

Ah yes, another getmail convert! =D

Are you using spamc/spamd or calling spamassassin directly? I don't have
any hard evidence, but the word on the street is that using spamd is
much, much faster for the scanning portion. As this is probably your
bottleneck, try that. If you're already using spamc/spamd, then I'm not
sure where to go. Some more detail about your delivery process would
help. Does getmail hand off to procmail/maildrop/etc? What is your
mailbox format (mbox vs. maildir?) I'd say that maildir would be faster
in this case: no seeking; no locking.

If it's still all too slow, you might want to try grabbing all the mail
into a local maildrop and then processing it from there asynchronously.
What I mean by that is that you could use getmail to jsut dump all the
incoming mail into one big incoming maildir, no filtering of any kind.
Then, offline, you could re-deliver those messages into your regular
mail folders.

good times,

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