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Re: Woody with ext3, 2.4 kernel + custom install questions

#include <hallo.h>
Andrew Pollock wrote on Fri Apr 26, 2002 um 05:17:28PM:

> Any, question #1:
> Where can I get a boot disk for Woody that has ext3 support (and a 2.4
> kernel). More to the point, where is it _documented_? I rummaged around on

Release notes. With the stable release, you get kernel choice with the
first CD. Otherwise, try CD#4 or CD#5.

> this list and found that if you boot off disc 3, you apparently get ext3
> (and presumably a 2.4 kernel) however I tried this on the SCSI system that
> I was playing with and that kernel doesn't support SCSI.

Kernel 2.4 does it, but not many controllers.

> Is it possible to automate the installation process of Debian at all? Red
> Hat has KickStart, and Mandrake has some autoinst.img thingy. I'd like to

google -> search for "FAI"

Das wahrlich arnoootische daran ist, das wahrscheinlich _alle_
Regulars diesem Thread absolut faziniert folgen, nur traut sich keiner
was zu sagen, weil man die beiden ja offiziell im Killfile hat.
                                    Alexander Stielau in de.alt.arnooo

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