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Woody with ext3, 2.4 kernel + custom install questions


I've been given the opportunity at my place of work (which is currently a
Mandrake shop) to tout Debian. I was intending to use Woody, and have
created the 8 CD's.

I work for a managed security provider, and one of the reasons that they
are using Mandrake over the likes of Red Hat is because of the control
Mandrake allows over what gets installed. (i.e. when you say you want
nothing, you get exactly that. The exact example that was told to me was
with Red Hat you'd say you wanted nothing installed, but the thing would
still listen on port 25. I have to say that even a base install of Debian
has port 25 open, which is going to unimpress some people here...)

Any, question #1:

Where can I get a boot disk for Woody that has ext3 support (and a 2.4
kernel). More to the point, where is it _documented_? I rummaged around on
this list and found that if you boot off disc 3, you apparently get ext3
(and presumably a 2.4 kernel) however I tried this on the SCSI system that
I was playing with and that kernel doesn't support SCSI.

and question #2:

Is it possible to automate the installation process of Debian at all? Red
Hat has KickStart, and Mandrake has some autoinst.img thingy. I'd like to
be able to provide a set of packages for it to pre install. Could I create
my own task package or something?

Is there a set of documentation for customising the installation at all?

Any help would be appreciated, I'd really like to see Debian get up here.


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