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Re: Woody with ext3, 2.4 kernel + custom install questions

begin  Andrew Pollock quotation:
> I work for a managed security provider, and one of the reasons that they
> are using Mandrake over the likes of Red Hat is because of the control
> Mandrake allows over what gets installed. (i.e. when you say you want
> nothing, you get exactly that. The exact example that was told to me was
> with Red Hat you'd say you wanted nothing installed, but the thing would
> still listen on port 25. I have to say that even a base install of Debian
> has port 25 open, which is going to unimpress some people here...)

Define what they meant by "port 25 open".  If you don't install an SMTP
daemon of any kind, such as sendmail or exim, you won't have anything
listening on that port, but "open" means different things in different

Also, "want nothing installed" is irrational.  If NOTHING is installed,
you won't have any ports listening, because you'll have a blank hard
drive.  You can't say "when I installed RedHat (or Mandrake or Debian
etc.) I told it to install nothing."  It's nonsensical.

Either you're misremembering what was said, or the person saying it was
very very confused.

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