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Re: my isp is being told *i* am broadcasting spam?

begin  dman quotation:
> Noah (and I) didn't say a firewall was useless, just that discussing
> firewalls when the problem is a (potential) mail relay is wholly
> pointless.

Noah did say that.  You, to the best of my knowledge, didn't.

The original poster was concerned of a number of things, including the
possibility that he'd been hacked.  The response that triggered Noah was
one opining that if the person didn't have a firewall, he should assume
he HAS been hacked.

A little broad of a brush, perhaps, since it is possible to secure a
system such that a firewall adds nothing (one would hope, for instance,
that one's firewall is that secure), but I think we can conclude that
any user who makes it clear in his post that he doesn't even know where
his MTA's logfiles are kept probably would benefit from a firewall.

As long as he doesn't assume firewall == secure, of course.

Apologies to Noah for calling him a troll.

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