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Re: Maildir performance & mutt (was Re: Someone tell me the secret of mutt)

dman wrote:

> | With 1000+ messages (and 5000+ is pretty easily attainable), performance
> | on opening a folder sucks.  I assume it's because mutt has to do an
> | fopen() on each file, scan headers, group output, and sort it.  The
> | result is a several-seconds (sometimes 10-20) on opening large folders.
> |
> | Is there any way to speed this up?
> More memory for disk cache?  I've found that the first time I open a
> large maildir folder the disk will crank for a while.  I expect it
> would do just as bad if it was mbox, probably worse.  The next time it
> is real fast because the disk is cached in memory.  At any rate,
> updating the folder (ie deleting one message) is much faster.

I'm guessing it's the sheer number of messages in the directory... ext2
starts to get kinda slow when you go over 1000 messages. This was the
first reason I switched to Maildirs BTW... had a server with about 3000
users. Access to /var/spool/mail was very slow as a result...

I'm hoping ReiserFS starts to solidify as a file system... That's not
supposed to have the performance hit with 1000s of files in one
directory, but I still don't trust it for a mail spool.

I'm eventually going to try reiser for the host status directory...
that's another area that gets a large number of files, and I don't care
if it gets corrupted (worst case I'll just wipe it out and let it


Rich Puhek               
ETN Systems Inc.         

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