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Someone tell me the secret of mutt

Ximian Evolution really is a foul pig of an MUA.  I love pine, but it is
slow and featureless.  I want to try mutt.  The problem is, I can't
figure out in < 10 minutes how to do the most basic things with mutt:

* Configure it to get mail from my IMAP servers.  
* Change IMAP folders.  
* Set my SMTP server. 
* Use my GPG key.
* Delete mail
* Purge mail
* Undelete mail
* Reply!

None of these things are really obvious in mutt.  There is a help screen
that lists approx. 20000000000000000 commands that I can't remember and
there isn't a particularly obvious way to search.

Because I'm a lazy dude, I would appreciate it if someone would give me
the Really Short Guide to Mutt for Pine Users.

And remember: there is NO NONE ZERO NADA ZIP interesting mail in the
local spool.  Everything is on IMAP, and any "features" for dealing with
local mail are just slow me down.


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