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Re: Someone tell me the secret of mutt

On Thu, 2002-04-11 at 19:20, Shawn McMahon wrote: 
> begin  Jeffrey W. Baker quotation:
> > 
> > * Delete mail
> d
> > * Purge mail
> Exit, or change folders.  You might like this:
> macro index I "<change-folder>!\r"
> which changes to the main mailbox, thus invoking the purge question
> (unless you've set it to not purge in your config file.)
> > * Undelete mail
> u

I'm sure that would be it, if I could select the deleted messages.  
When I use the up/down arrow to navigate, the cursor skips 'D' messages.
Thus I can't undelete them.  This reminds my of elm.

> > * Reply!
> r

And, what is the version without all the questions?  I put 'set
fast_reply' in .muttrc but it didn't get rid of the questions. 

> RTFM before you run programs, or you'll break something.  This ain't
> Windows, where you can't do anything harmful (or useful).

That's good, because I haven't used Windows since 1994 and I'd be kind
of lost... 

> As for the "beginner's guide", try http://www.mutt.org.

See, that's what I'm talking about.  Everybody says how great mutt is
but I can't even start using it without reading a long manual.  I can
change to my imap mailboxes using 'c', but I can't figure out how to put
them in .muttrc so that they get checked at startup.  It isn't the
'mailboxes' directove, either, because I already tried that.

When I installed Slackware Linux the very first time, I only had to read
a small HOWTO and I was off to the races.  Mutt presents a bigger hurdle
than installing that OS, which sucks a little bit.


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