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Re: Re[4]: Bandwidth Monitor

* Alan Poulton (apoulton@telus.net) spake thusly:
> Wednesday, April 10, 2002, 4:16:06 PM, Dimitri Maziuk wrote:
> > net-tools 1.60
> > ifconfig 1.42 (2001-04-13)
> AHH! Much better. I was running net-tools 1.54, so I upgraded that and
> now I can see how many Mb I've transferred.
> > Have a look at mrtg. You'll need to set up the snmp packages to get it
> > to work, but it will do what you want (and make colour pictures, too!
> > ;)
> When I looked at a sample output of mrtg, I saw that it showed only the
> speed (B/s).  While I do like that, and will probably set it up anyway,
> I didn't see that it showed total bytes transferred.  Did I miss that,
> too? =]

Probably not -- my mistake. I've replaced mrtg with rrdtool long ago. 

RRDtool is not something you can "just install", you'll need to write
scripts. You can probably find all/most scripts you need on the net, 
but you'll most likely have to customize them. OTGH, it does all MRTG
can do, and much more.

Riding roughshod over some little used trifle like the English language is not a
big deal to an important technology innovator like Microsoft. They did just that
by naming a major project dot-Net (".Net").  Before that, a period followed by a
capital letter was used to mark a sentence boundary. --T. Gottfried, RISKS 21.91

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