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Re: Creating local package cache with apt-move

Richard Cobbe wrote:

> No, the three slashes are in fact correct.

Hrmm.. just to add to the confusion. I just checked my sources.list and saw I 
was using single slash. I did man sources.list to see if I was going out of 
my mind. I'm not.

>  Turns out you have to write the Release files by hand.

I have never had to do that. If I comment out all lines in sources.list 
except my local mirror and do dselect|update I get to see everything in 
there. I'm not sure this is the problem. I just checked your apt-move.conf
again and noticed a couple of problems:

ARCHS="alpha arm hurd-i386 i386 m68k powerpc sparc"
Do you really have all these installed ;-)

This should be testing. At least, that's what your sources.list points to. 
They need to be the same.


> Things are fine now; apt-get and dselect see the package files in my
> local mirror.  (I found found this after a little bit more careful
> digging through the debian-user archives.)

....If it ain't broke don't fix it :-) 

> > BTW when I reply to your message only part of it shows up in my
> > mailer. Not sure if that is my problem or yours.
> I doubt this is a problem; it's probably just the way KMail works.  I
> included the sources.list and apt-move.conf files as MIME attachments
> (text/plain); a lot of mailers tend to display that MIME type inline but
> not include it in replies.  I know VM works that way, ISTR that
> Netscape's mailer does also.

I guessed they were attachments #1 and #2, what I was referring to was this:

"Any advice would be very welcome.



showing up as attachment #3 in your original post.

Simon Hepburn.

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