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Re: Creating local package cache with apt-move

Lo, on Saturday, March 30, Simon Hepburn did write:

> Richard Cobbe wrote:
> > I've added the local mirror to sources.list, but neither apt-get nor
> > dselect appears to see these files.  What step have I missed?
> It's a simple typo. Change deb file:///home... to deb file://home...

No, the three slashes are in fact correct.  Turns out you have to write
the Release files by hand.  (I have to say, I do wish this part of the
process were documented better---if not necessarily in the apt-move
manpage, then at least in /usr/share/doc/apt-move.  It looks like there
are already some bug reports which address this, though.)

So, I created the following release files


based on the following model (with different Component values as

    Archive: testing
    Component: main
    Origin: Debian
    Label: Debian
    Architecture: i386

Things are fine now; apt-get and dselect see the package files in my
local mirror.  (I found found this after a little bit more careful
digging through the debian-user archives.)

> BTW when I reply to your message only part of it shows up in my
> mailer. Not sure if that is my problem or yours.

I doubt this is a problem; it's probably just the way KMail works.  I
included the sources.list and apt-move.conf files as MIME attachments
(text/plain); a lot of mailers tend to display that MIME type inline but
not include it in replies.  I know VM works that way, ISTR that
Netscape's mailer does also.



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