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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: High powered Debian advocacy?

On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 03:05, Noah Sombrero wrote:
> On 24 Mar 2002 20:18:18 +0000, you wrote:
> >Do I understand that you want apt to detect when space is short on the
> >target device, and automatically generate symlinked mount points on
> >available devices with sufficient space?
> >
> >If you've got such devices within the system, LVM makes more sense.
> >
> No, I would just like to be able to specify an alternative destination in
> the configuration somehow.  

Do you mean in the same way as "rpm --relocate foo.rpm" ?
> Another person suggested that it is possible to configure apt to store
> downloaded files at an alternative destination by editing apt.conf.  
> This is true.  But there is more. 
> 1) There needs to be an environmental variable pointing to apt.conf

Why would you want to move this file?

> 2) You will need to edit a couple of perl scripts.

I suppose this could be automated.

> 3) You will need to specify an admindir.  There are several places this
>     could go:  dpkg.cfg, apt.conf, dselect.cfg.  Nope, the only way that
>     works is to use the command line version "dselect --admindir /foo/bar."
>     You can, of course, automate this with a little shell script file.
> 4) When you move the admin directory, two things need to stay, the
>     alternatives dir under /var/lib/dkpg and the a copy of the status file.
>     This copy of the status file is not used.  It just needs to be there.
> Number four makes me think that the process has not been completely
> thought out.  The other thing is, why isn't this procedure spelled out?  
> All OS's from MS to Apple to Linux put their users through the mysterious
> configuration exercise repeatedly.  There is a place for an OS that
> does not do this.  Who wants to be the next one to have 70 billion 
> dollars?

Perhaps this problem is substantially harder than it first appears.

I still, after all these posts, do not understand the substantial
benefit that your scheme would bring.

Very-end-users don't want to be asked anything - they just want their
packages to be installed and icons to appear. This is what I thought you
were after - transparent use of disk space, wherever it is within the
system. You don't seem to want this.

Advanced users who would want to relocate packages could do it



Peter Whysall
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