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RE: High powered Debian advocacy?

1) Debian is about as far from being a Beta OS as you can get.
2) I am one of 2 sysadmins.  I need to convince my boss and co-worker
that Debian is the best option.


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* Michael Marziani (michaelm@kw.com) spake thusly:
> I recently started with a new company and they are using lots of Linux

> systems, mostly RedHat and SuSE.  We are in the middle of upgrading a 
> bunch of the machines and I very much want to figure out a way to 
> present Debian to them as an option.  From having used many Linux 
> distributions extensively, I know what sets Debian apart and why RPM 
> is ineffective etc, etc.  But, I am interested in finding industry 
> sources and/or extremely technical/powerful write-ups on what sets 
> Debian apart, and the inadequacies of the other distros.
> I've searched google for hours but all I've found is usenet posts, 
> most of which is just flame-wars, and none of which would be adequate 
> to present to my boss and co-workers.

Why do you want to advocate running a beta OS on production systems? You
want your sysadmin to hate you?

"Mirrors and copulation are abominable because they increase the number
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Occam's Razor

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