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Re: moving from ext2 to reiserfs

On 22 Mar 2002 15:38:16 +0800
Crispin Wellington <crispin@aeonline.net> wrote:

> The easiest way would be to convert it to ext3 instead.
> Use kernel 2.4.17
> use tune2fs -j /deb/hdX to convert to ext3
> Much easier and IMHO (Ive used both reiserfs and ext3 extensively)
> better. If anything goes wrong you can always mount it ext2.
> To convert to reiserfs would require a new HDD to partition/build the
> filesystems on, copy across the files and then replace your existing HDD
> with. Ext2 can be converted to ext3 on the fly.

I agree with this. I have used xfs, reiser, ext2 and ext3. I had a
corrupted hard drive when there was a bug in the earlier 2.4 kernels - I
think this was when I used a Reiser filesystem. I tried xfs, which was
nice, apart from the fact that xfs support is not available in mainstream
kernels - a patch has to be obtained from SGI and the kernel patched. Ext3
seems to be an excellent compromise. In real use I notice no difference in
speed between the filesystems I have used, but the sheer reliability of
ext3 and the fact, as Crispin points out, that an ext3 filesystem can be
mounted as ext2 if the need arises, tips the balance in its favour. 

Phillip Deackes
Using Debian Linux

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