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Compacting evolution mail folders

I am using Evolution 1.0.2 on a PowerPC Macintosh running sid.

I subscribe to a lot of mailing lists, and have my mail sorted into a
couple dozen mail folders.  I'm using real folders here, not the virtual

Periodically, I delete all the mail from most of the mailing list
folders (because I can read it from the archive websites).  But
evolutions disk space usage doesn't always get smaller, or not much so.

For example, I have one mail folder that has no messages at all in it,
because I've deleted them all, yet the subdirectory for that mailbox has
over 22 megabytes of files in it!  Most of the space is in a file called

Is there some way I can compact these mailboxes to free unused space?

I'm using a small drive on this machine and need to be conservative
about my file usage, but the total space consumed by evolution, even
with the majority of my mail folders just emptied, is about a quarter of
a gigabyte!

(I am getting a bigger drive soon... but still...)

Michael D. Crawford
GoingWare Inc. - Expert Software Development and Consulting

     Tilting at Windmills for a Better Tomorrow.

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