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Re: gatos drivers for ATI AllInWonder cards

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 00:04, stan wrote:
> Now a philisophical question. Any ide if the gatos drivers are going to
> get merged inot the mainstream XFree code? 

Good question... I don't know... it sure would be nice!

> I'm just thinking thta someday 
> (perhaps soon) I'm going to do a dselect & it's going to upgrade my X server,
> which will now break things :-(

Yes...be careful of this - it happens from time to time. Whenever there
is an update to the Woody's XFree (xserver-xfree86), it will replace the
gatos drivers with woody ones. 

> Oh, one final question. Any idea if the "ati" and "radeon" drivers are 
> diferent, or just aliases? I had radeon, but I cnaged it to ati to match
> your workign example.

Use "ati". it will detect and load the proper card-specific drivers
(r128, radeon, etc.). It is like a meta-driver or something to that


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