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Re: exim getting the from addresses right

Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

> Taking your clue and adding to this existing entry:
>    # This rewriting rule is particularly useful for dialup users who
>    # don't have their own domain, but could be useful for anyone.
>    # It looks up the real address of all local users in a file
>    *@newsguy.com    ${lookup{$1}lsearch{/etc/email-addresses}\
>                      {$value}fail} frFs
> [My addition below]
>     dh@localhost dh@dslextreme.com
> With this in place, dh is no longer able to download mail from the isp
> pop server.  Remove it and downloading works.

Sorry list.... I didn't meann to include the long body of the example

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