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Re: Losing time !

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 16:05, Greg Murphy wrote:
> My computer for some reason seems to be losing time at a rate of about 20 
> minutes per 10-15 hours. I was under the impression that linux keeps track of 
> the time from clock cycles. I have not rebooted my machine in a week, so if 
> that previous assumption is correct, then that would rule out the cmos 
> battery. What could cause this loss of time. The only thing that has been 
> slightly different that I can think that might could cause it is that lately 
> I have been constantly running some intensive tasks reniced to +19. Could 
> something like that cause this problem, or is my problem elsewhere? Any 
> ideas? Thanks.
Maybe you have a bad time adjustment. I had a similar problem once that
was caused by that. Have a look at 'man hwclock' and check /etc/adjtime.

Hope that helps.

Bye, Steffen

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