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Re: The future of Debian install??

on Fri, Mar 08, 2002, Oki DZ (okidz@pindad.com) wrote:
> Francisco M. Marzoa Alonso wrote:
> >Well, I don't know how RH goes now, but the first RH distribution I test 
> >about seven years ago (4.x or so...) has an installation like the one 
> >Debian has today. 
> The install part on RH is better than what's in Debian, even today; 
> especially when it goes to X. I never said that fresh install in Debian 
> was easier. On Debian, it is a _lot_ easier when installing individual 
> package; in my case, using apt-get.

I'd partition my praise differently:

  - RH's installer does a really nice job with hardware configuration.
    It tells you what you've got, picks sane defaults, and largely hides
    complexity of choices from the user.  I'd not done an RH install for
    some years until recently, I've done about a dozen 7.2 installs in
    the past month or so.  Of all the hardware, what really matters is
    X11, most everything else is fairly straightforward.

  - Debian blows RH out of the water when it comes to package selection.
    RH offers bundled configurations which could be handled (and largely
    are) by Debian tasks.  It's the individual package selection,
    dependency resolution, and package updating where Debian clearly
    exceeds RH.  I also find the package defaults, configuration layout,
    and general cleanliness of a Debian install superior to RH, and the
    fact that it's possible to move backwards and forwards through the
    process in a Debian install allows for greater flexibility.  Debian
    also offers more powerful and flexible shell access during install.

Given this, it would seem that improving HW detection would do a lot for
ease of use of a Debian installation.  The delta between the two isn't


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