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Re: WordPerfect Office 2000 on Debian

On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 11:22:26AM +0000, Phillip Deackes wrote:
> Hi Davor. Thanks for your input.
> What version are you using? I downloaded the 641C version - but that was
> dated March 2001. Surely much must have happened in a year. The latest
> versions must be wonderful - how do you get them? What about compiling
> from source? Is it a problem?

I am using an earlier point-release (631C), I am not sure of the date but I could swear I installed it last year after I saw somebody using it and they must have used an older version... I just tried navigating with my mouse etc... I simply couldn't believe what you were saying... OK, it takes a few seconds to load (mainly because there are many libraries to load)... But after that it is a charm, and it does have all those things you need... 

I have installed this in my home directory... I was in a hurry when I needed it... Intalled it some time last year and I am still using it... What setup are you using? What hardware? Anything untested? Anything slightly unstable? :-) 

Anybody else had this same problem...? I think we need more power captn!!!

>I also have the Windows version of StarOffice 6 and the startup splash
> screen stays on the screen for *ages* before anything happens.
Seems like you don't have enough memory... 

> I am quite happy to pay money for a product. I bought Applix - nice, but
> still plenty of bugs/annoying features. As a teacher I do a lot of
> DTP-type work (worksheets etc.) and the ability to have pictures/diagrams
> in frames which can be moved around is essential. A 'Word Art' feature
> would also be extremely useful. For those who don't know it, Word Art is
> an MS OLE utility which turns text into an image which can be resized,
> reshaped, coloured, have borders around the letters etc. very simply
> indeed. I know I can use the Gimp, but it takes a lot more work to do
> simple things this way. The Star Office version of this is a joke. The
> availability of such a utility would be the one feature which would mean I
> could be truly rid of MS Windows at home!

I prefer not to pay, however:-) OpenOffice should start catering for your needs as soon as you manage to get a good working version... A good thing is, those guys may actually listen to you if you kindly email them and request a feature... 
I know what you are looking for... those WordArt-like features are already there in OpenOffice...

Take care... and don't give up!!!


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