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Re: Need Creative Method to transfer a file

Caleb Shay wrote:

Hmmm.  I've never used minicom, but if it has a way to log the session
you could (theoretically) uuencode the deb out to the screen and into
the log file...that would suck but should work.  However, if she can
connect from Win95, why not just download the deb from there and then
reboot into linux and install it?


Sorry; I left out some info. What started this was a power outage. Windows is REALLY hosed. When I said I booted into her Windows side, what I really meant was that I booted into DOS on her Windows side. I tried using Windows, but it's going to have to be reinstalled. So that's not an option currently.

The uuencode idea sounds interesting. Thanks for the hint!


I installed mgetty on the laptop, and plugged it into Mom's second phone line. Using this method, I was able to fire up minicom on Mom's computer and dial-in and log on to my laptop. But Kermit is not installed on Mom's, and none of the Ctrl-Z,A,R file-transfer options worked for me.

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