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Need Creative Method to transfer a file

I'm in a bind. I'm at my mom's and in trying to clean off some space on her too small drive. I went into dselect and uninstalled several things. Apparently one of them was dependant/linked to the ppp package, and I didn't notice. The result is I can no longer get online.

So I thought "No problem". I went out to my pickup, got my laptop, configured it to dial up to her ISP, and downloaded the ppp package. Put it on a floppy, popped the floppy in Mom's PC, and DOH! The floppy drive on her machine is bad. It won't read any floppies. I dual-booted into her Win95 partition, and it also fails to read any floppies ("Abort, Retry, or Fail" after cranking the drive for a few seconds). I double-checked the connections; everything looks fine.

So, no floppy drive. No internet capability.

I installed mgetty on the laptop, and plugged it into Mom's second phone line. Using this method, I was able to fire up minicom on Mom's computer and dial-in and log on to my laptop. But Kermit is not installed on Mom's, and none of the Ctrl-Z,A,R file-transfer options worked for me.

I thought about a direct serial port to serial port connection, but I don't have a serial cable here. Nor do I have a parallel cable. USB is not an option on Mom's PC. Nor do I have a Debian CD.

So, does anyone have any ideas how I can get the ppp*.deb file from my laptop to Mom's PC?

In a different posting, I'm asking for any volunteers/LUGs in the Richland Hills (Ft. Worth), Texas area, hoping I can beg/borrow/buy a Debian CD to get the file off of.



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