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Re: Root symlink to /boot/vmlinuz

>>"Craig" == Craig Dickson <crdic@yahoo.com> writes:

 Craig> Dumb question: why does Debian like to have a symlink,
 Craig> /vmlinuz, pointing to the kernel image in /boot? Does some
 Craig> program depend on being able to find the kernel at /vmlinuz?

	One may set up a boot loader (like lilo or grub) to have a
 latest kernel and previous kernel selections, and point them to the

 Craig> Would something break if I simply deleted this symlink?

	Not unless you have set up lilo/grub to look at those links.

 Craig> I ask because I install kernels by hand, and I use a naming
 Craig> scheme for my kernels that tells me what they are and when
 Craig> they were built, e.g.  vmlinuz-2.4.18-ac2-020226 is a 26 Feb
 Craig> 2002 build of 2.4.18-ac2. This means I have to go change the
 Craig> /vmlinuz symlink every time I install a new kernel, and I'm
 Craig> wondering if I can safely just delete the link and never
 Craig> bother with it again.

	Look into your boot loader config. If it does not look at
 /vmlinuz, you can delete it. Or else you need to fix your boot loader
 config. No other progrtam should look at this link.

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