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Everything about Sendmail is Slow

Title: Everything about Sendmail is Slow

Hi, I got a server with 30 users on it, Mailman with 7 listservs going. 

Debain 2.2, Kernel 2.2.17, Sendmail 8.9.3-21

For some reason, just the past few days, users have complained of slowness of up to a few minutes to send out mail.

If I log in and try to check the mailq, it responds with what is in the mailq but only after a minute or two.

The mailq always responded before within a second or two.

All mail seems to be processed, but only after a delay.

So, it seems Sendmail is busy doing something and cannot respond fast, yet no one is sending mail at the time(that I know of) and the rest of the box seems snappy.

Im just not sure what tools are available to troubleshoot this problem.  I didnt see much in the Sendmail man file on what to do.

Any ideas on where I should start?



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