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Re: portfw to multiple machines, same port

    From IPMASQADM(8):

       Redirect all web traffic to  internals  hostA  and  hostB,
       where  hostB will serve 2 times hostA connections. Forward
       rules already masq internal hosts to outside (typical).

              ipchains -I input -p tcp -y -d yours.com/32 80 -m 1
              ipmasqadm mfw -I -m 1 -r hostA 80 -p 10
              ipmasqadm mfw -I -m 1 -r hostB 80 -p 20


On 01/03/02 Xeno Campanoli did speaketh:

> As near as I can tell from the documentation I've read so far, you can't
> (in 2.2.x) ipmasqadm portfw a port to multiple servers of the same
> port.  For instance if I want to go from the ip address on my cable
> connection to four separate webservers, say one an apache, one a boa, a
> dhttpd and a roxen, all
> of which have their own separate purposes, I just can't do this it looks
> like without getting multiple external ip addresses using portfw.  It
> also looks like I in fact might be able to do this with mfw, which is
> apparently not recommended.  Anyhow, I'm stretching beyond my ability
> here anyway for now.
> The one answer that does seem to be reasonable is to specify 80 for a
> front end webserver and then access the other webservers on other ports,
> so that the apache could be 81, the roxen 82, the boa 83.  Is this
> fairly typical?  
> I'm not keen on playing too radically, at least not this season.
> TIA for any feedback.
> Sincerely, Xeno
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