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Re: some problems with gnome

On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 19:52, Raphaël Scateni wrote:

Hello Raphaël,

> Desk guide alert
>    gnome desktop guide
>    you are running a gnome compliant window manager
>   gnome support by the window manager is strongly recommended for proper
> desk guide operation.
GNOME users often tend to use Sawfish, Enlightenment, IceWM or
Windowmaker as their window managers. Do you have them installed? If
not, just do (as root) e.g. a:

apt-get install sawfish

and enter the gnome control center (if there is no link to it, just hack
"gnomecc" in xterm/gnome-terminal/eterm (whatever)) and go to the
"Window Manager" section and select it. On pressing "try" or "ok", you
now should have all right (and can move the windows).

> Moreover, some details are strange :
> -my mouse pointer is always a cross
fixme: should be done by the window manager (see above)

> -i can't fiw a backgroung picture (i just have a black and white backgroung
mh, by default, gnome displays a kind of blue colour. Well, could be
changed to whatever you like in the control center

> -i don't have icons on the desktop
i have them seen when using gmc (midnight commander with GNOME
frontend/bindings). for a newer (but bit slower) "version" you should
install nautilus, it will handle desk icons and optionally the

> -i can't move the windows on the desktop
window manager (s.a.)

> -i have hardly anything in the startup menu, whereas lots of programs are
> installed
most probably you have not installed gnome-media, gnome-utilities etc.
when done, most of the menus are filled. note that there are just gnome
and pure gtk apps listed. in the debian submenus you may find other bare
x apps (e.g. ghosview etc.).

> Finally, when i close x session, i can read "Gdk-warning **: locale not
> supported by C library
you have not installed locale support for gnome. never have done it.
just ignore that error; or if needed, install some ISO fonts (e.g.
ISO-8859-1 for most european fonts and browse a bit with dselect for
locales (done with the "/" key in deselect).
> Thanks for your help
> Raphaël

Hope that helps,


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