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Re: Unable to Ping NT boxes

Bodnyk, Bruce W wrote:
I'm trying to configure samba on my Linux machine so I can
access directories on an MT box and am being unsuccessful.
I'm thinking it has something to do with another problem
which I have ignored up to now.

After installing Linux I found that I was unable to ping normal
NT machines using their host name. If I use their IP address
then the ping works. However I am able to ping Unix machines
using their host name AND can ping a number of NT servers
using their host name. However whenever I attempt to ping
my NT desktop or Windows 2000 laptop by name the ping

My NT desktop and Windows 2000 laptop are configured to
use DHCP to get their IP address.

My first guess is that your NT servers are in your organization's DNS table, whereas your NT workstations are not, instead being found by other Windows boxes using WINS instead of DNS.

See if "smbclient -L [workstation name] gives you an IP in return. I don't know if there's any way to tell ping to use samba to find a Windows box, so I just use smbclient as above to find the address and then connect via the number.


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