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Re: Installing kernel-image-2.4.17-k7

>>"Stan" == Stan Kaufman <sekfmn@pacbell.net> writes:

 Stan> This was good; it pointed out which RTFM was germane. A note
 Stan> that the new 2.4.x kernel images use initrd whereas the 2.2.x
 Stan> kernels didn't would help those of us who don't follow kernel
 Stan> development realize that there's something new that we need to
 Stan> pay attention here.

	Well, initrd's are not inherent to 2.4.x kernels (none of my
 2.4 kernels use initrd, but you may make a 2.2 initrd image if you
 wish), so we can't make general statements like that. However, the
 fact that you are getting this message indicates that something
 strange is going on, no?

 Stan> More explicit instructions about where in /etc/lilo.conf the
 Stan> line should go would have made the fix easier--that it should
 Stan> go in the image=/vmlinuz section, and not at, say, the end of
 Stan> the file. Perhaps this is obvious once you know, but it's those
 Stan> of us who don't know who need clear instructions! ;-) From the
 Stan> number of posts I found on this topic in the archives,
 Stan> apparently there are a few of us out there.

	The new warning reads:
 As a reminder, in order to configure lilo, you need to
 add an 'initrd=/initrd.img' to the image=/vmlinuz
 stanza of your /etc/lilo.conf

 Stan> This confused me a bit. At first I thought maybe
 Stan> /etc/kernel-img.conf was necessary for the kernel to install,

I repeat, You need to configure your boot loader. If you have already done
so, and you wish to get rid of this message, please put
  `do_initrd = Yes'
in /etc/kernel-img.conf. Note that this is optional, but if you do not, 
you'll contitnue to see this message whenever you install a kernel 
image using initrd.

 Stan> So, I'm not clear how this particular warning aids the
 Stan> process. Should the user be allowed to eliminate the warning
 Stan> even if they haven't done the Right Thing with lilo.conf yet?

	Hey. The customer is always right. Perhaps LILO is not the
 primary boot loader -- suppose they now use grub, but never really
 removed lilo from the machine. Suppose they did remove lilo, but did
 not purge it.

	Far be it for me to programmatically over rule the human.

 Stan> Thanks for requesting input, Manoj, and thanks for maintaining
 Stan> the package!!

	You're welcome.

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