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Re: www forward with bind

* Sebastiaan (S.Breedveld@ITS.TUDelft.NL) [020301 09:17]:
> Hello,
> I use bind for my domain and I am trying to forward any www queries to the
> providers' server. So suppose my domain name is domain.com, I want that
> every www.domain.com is redirected to www.me.provider.com.
> I have tried various variations in the zone files, like:
> www             IN      CNAME	www.me.provider.com.
> but I have not gotten it to work.
> I know it can be done when a http daemon is installed, but I am not
> allowed to open port 80 on my computer, so I would like to redirect the
> www queries by dns. Other solutions are welcome.

It looks right, so I can only suggest the standard DNS troubleshooting
questions. Check your delegations, and also ensure that your testing
methods aren't prone to error due to unexpected caching or slow
propagation. By this I mean ensure that you're actually querying the DNS
server to see what result you get. Also try looking it up "normally"
from a machine using another DNS server.

If you'd tell me what the domain is, I can test it from here; most
likely it's not in my nameserver cache =) Feel free to email off-list if
you want me to.

Ah! I think it just occured to me whay it's not working. I'd bet it's
that your setup is working correctly (i.e.  the client does resolve
www.domain.com to www.me.provider.com) but that your ISP's webserver
takes advantage of name-based virtual hosts. That means that
www.me.provider.com resolves to the same address as
www.anythingelse.provider.com, but the HTTP client gives it a Host:
header that specifies the domain name it's looking for. If it's giving
www.domain.com instead of www.me.provider.com, it'll never (well, "never
say 'never'") work without some sort of http-level (or at least
socket-level) redirection. Sorry.

good times,

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