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Re: Retry.. no more crybaby bs

on Thu, Feb 28, 2002, Harry Putnam (reader@newsguy.com) wrote:

> Just a little note of apology to the list and for being a crybaby.
> (Its not my fault  ... its genetic .. :-) )
> Also a little underhanded way to see if I got the mail sort of close
> to right.  There is one little glitch .. already posted. but I think
> the fact that I know nothing about exim and was able to get mail
> working just with `base-config' speaks volumes.

Exim rocks.

> > A coulpe of posters have suggested a network install.  Thing is I have
> > $40 dollars worth of cds setting here.  Surely I can at least use them
> > to get the base install going and maybe get my nic setup. Then do the
> > rest via network?
> Now this item is kind of funny really.  I accidently started this
> going after making a forth try at installing, and after the base
> install I opted to add ftp to the media possibilities.  Scads of files
> are being brought down the pipe as I write.

Apt-get rocks.

> A kind poster named Sebastiaan, sent me a note that said to use the
> 3c59x driver.  The install bought it and I am network enabled now.
> This is something that needs to be patched though.
> 1) The install screen where you pick out drivers and other modules
>    is unecessarily cumbersom.  Is there really a reason why one must 
>    scroll back thru the whole thing with each choice.

If you don't need the drivers as part of your installation process --
say, network, filesystem (ntfs, msdos, or vfat typically), or SCSI
cards, then you can skip this step.  You may need to enable drivers down
the road, but this section of the installation really should be
prominantly labled "Driver Support ***FOR INSTALLATION***".

Besides, when I was a boy.... ;-)

>    I see no chance to mark or otherwise do things better than one by
>    one with a complete rescroll at each stop.

Either skip the step or suffer a little.

> 2) The driver listed for the 3Com 3c905b  is not the right one and 
>    in my case the OS rejects it.  The right one is a couple lines
>    further along.  One would never know it unless told in advance as I
>    was. 

You're going to have to get used to doing some investigation.  I was
belly down on the floor of a server room earlier this evening having
pulled a (running) server out from its niche, cracked open the case, and
was reading chip numbers off the memory cards, with a flashlight, upside
down and backwards, to plug into Google and find parts descriptions for,
to try to determine what we needed to add to the box to bring it up to
2GB, compatible with what's in it currently.  It's part of the thrill of
it all, really.


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