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Bug in apt-get dist-upgrade or is it me?

Hi all,

I've just set myself up providing linux servers to small firms that
don't have IT departments.

typically I like to have the filesystem running ext3 to allow for
situations like cleaners plugging out the machine to vacuum clean around
it, power cuts, etc.  

for these reasons, I install a small Potato setup using 2.2r3 disk, then
upgrade to woody and then put a 2,4 kernel on.

Its all vary neat when it works.  But there is a problem that keeps
recurring so I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or should I file it
as a serious bug.

After apt-get dist-upgrade, running dselect for any package brings up
conflicts and tries to remove console-tools, bsdutils, lilo and
basically the whole system tries to commit harakiri.

I have discovered that I can resolve this by finding kbd on the list of
conflicts, uninstalling it and then all problems seem to go away.

I have never knowingly installed kbd.

Until now I assumed it was just me but I've seen posts on my local linux
user group list that mention failed upgrades to woody with similiar

So I wonder if this is a bug?  Have others n this list found something
similiar?  whre can I check if its a known bug before wasting peopl's
time posting it to the buglist?  shoudl I find out who is the kbd
maintainer and email him?


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