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Re: Help!!! undelete for ext3fs!!!

Sebastiaan <S.Breedveld@ITS.TUDelft.NL> writes:

>> Is there any way to undelete in ext3fs?

I'm not shure if this works but I would give the normale "recover" for
ext2 a try. Before using it you should umount the partition. And in
the meantime you should use the partition read-only to get a chance
that the deleted inodes aren't assigned to new files.

> You can setup some kind of Trashcan yourself. Make a directory on your
> system somewhere and make an alias for rm:
> alias rm = 'mv ? /tmp/Trashcan'

alias rm = 'mv --backup=numbered --target-directory=/tmp/Trashcan'

If you want to use a parameter within aliases, you have to use
functions instead:

function rm { mv $* /tmp/Trashcan }

Obviously, all this only works in Bourne Shell derivates like bash.

> If you are on a multiuser system, you definitely have to write a
> script, which moves the deleted files into subdirs in the Trashcan
> which are unreadable by other users.

alias rm = 'mkdir -m 0700 -p /tmp/Trashcan/$USER && \
            mv --backup=numbered --target-directory=/tmp/Trashcan/$USER'

[x] ulf

Der Mensch ist immer noch der beste Computer. (John F. Kennedy)

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