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Re: CorelDRAW replacement

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002 11:03:16 +0800
"Paolo Falcone" <fallenlordx@edsamail.com.ph> wrote:

>  I'm trying to look for a replacement for my CorelDRAW suite. What I
>  need is a program that would convert.CDR files to some open format,
>  then maybe another vector/spline based program that would do somehow
>  the same thing as CorelDRAW does.

'apt-cache search draw | grep draw' on a testing/unstable system will
turn up a couple of drawing programs. I don't know if they can replace a
kitchen sink like CorelDraw. The Gimp can probably take care of
Photopaint (which some time ago was Corel's bait to get you to try their
Linux offerings). You can download free-beer fonts from

Converting Corel's file is probably the biggest problem. The
non-solution is to do the conversion from within Corel. Export to a
relatively freer format like EPS.

Kontour has been recommended. You can also try OpenOffice, which is
another kitchen sink with a draw component. Both programs managed to
pass my heart drawing test.

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