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Re: Retry.. no more crybaby bs

Bob Thibodeau <mrbob@channel1.com> writes:

> My guess is an irq setting isn't being found correctly. What resources was
> the card successfully using before?

Thanks Bob, I've posted the problem with it already but in brief I
hadn't tried to install the correct driver.  I used the base-config
tool to load modules etc and at that screen it lists the wrong driver
for my card.  Another list poster told me the right one and it works

p <pplaw@pcisys.net> writes:

> //
> those cd's sound suspicious/flaky.  

I managed to get fired up here by allowing only the basic install from
the cds and going to ftp from there, with a working network, all
things become possible..  Downloading and installing now from

Not sure I really understand what is happening though.  Apparently
apt-get is getting some stuff over ftp. Over 200mb was downloaded, but
still askes me to install various of the cds at different points.  And
gets stuff from there too.

> "...$40.00"?  ouch!  and it's 
> _un-debian!

I got to it direct from the debian home page.  It was the first one
listed under us vendors `The Sphere'

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