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Re: (OT) chicago

On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 11:56, Rich Puhek wrote:

> tristate. And I've still never found the post office. Everyone in
> Chicago seems to go to the same post office, since they'll tell you how
> long it takes to get there!

I'm guessing that you're just joking, but at least for the benefit of
dman if/when he gets here, some clarification is in order. I can't for
the life of me remember which road it is, (I stick to the Skyway for
most of my city drives) but it runs right through a big building that
says "U.S. Post Office" on it. So, next time you drive through a
building, assuming, of course, that you're SUPPOSED to be driving
through it, and didn't get there due to a traffic mishap, make note of
where it is, and you'll have your Post Office. :)


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