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Re: (OT) chicago

 On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, dman wrote:
> The details aren't finished yet, but it looks like I'll be working in
> Chicago (Elgin, actually) next quarter.  Is anyone here in the Chicago
> area?

I live about three miles from the Loop.  Dman, you may be a fine 
Unix/Linux hacker, but you need to develop your map-reading skills.  
Elgin is about forty miles NW of the Loop, and few Chicagoans or 
Elginians would consider it a suburb of Chicago at that distance.  
It's at the edge of my road map, next to the legend "Here There Be 
Dragons".  If you don't have a car out here, you won't actually be 
*in* Chicago very much, though it's an easy drive on I-90 if you do. 

I hope you make it out here.  Street food is cheap and edible.  More 
pizzerias than people.  Do they have "Italian beef" sandwiches where 
you come from?  If not, you'll have to try them, they're delicious.

Mark S. Reglewski

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