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Re: Exim configuration

R.Pac wrote:

> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Obviously, any machines that use us as a smarthost have to be excluded
> from the relaying controls, as using us to relay mail for them is the
> whole point.
> Are there any networks of local machines you want to relay mail for?
> If there are any, enter them here, separated with spaces or commas. You
> should use the standard address/length format (e.g.
> If there are none, say `none'.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> I dont understand the question.
> Hox  should I answer this ?

say 'none'

Eximconfig asks you if there are any domain names (for example
yourfriendsdomain.org) other than the local ones
for which you want to accept mail for and then relay them to their final
destanation. This is for example usefull if
you're the backup mailserver for these domains. But I think this is not
your set-up.

> eximconfig talks about a visible name for the system is itmy ISP domain
> name ?

No it's the name of your machine. Probably something like:
yourusername.yourisp.net .

> "Are there any domains you want to relay mail for---that is,"
> what is it ?
> See you
> Pac

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