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Re: Exim configuration

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, R.Pac wrote:

> how do I configure Exim with eximconfig if  I'm behind a firewall ? is
> there something special to do ? If I want to use my ISP's smtp server ?
> or should I use exim as smpt server directly ?

Both.  Run eximconfig, select Internet System with Smarthost, your
smarthost is your ISPs mail server.  If you can recieve connections on
port 25 from the outside world and plan on receiving mail on this
system, I'd also recommend adding this after you run eximconfig to
/etc/exim/exim.conf (you'll see where it goes if you look)


# Exim contains support for the Realtime Blocking List (RBL) that is being
# maintained as part of the DNS. See http://maps.vix.com/rbl/ for
# background. Uncommenting the following line will make Exim reject mail
# from any host whose IP address is blacklisted in the RBL at maps.vix.com.

rbl_hosts = !
rbl_domains = relays.ordb.org:inputs.orbz.org:orbs.dorkslayers.com:relays.osirusoft.com:spews.relays.osirusoft.com:dialups.mail-abuse.org:postmaster.rfc-ignorant.org:dsn.rfc-ignorant.org:bl.spamcop.net
rbl_reject_recipients = true
rbl_warn_header = false
recipients_reject_except = postmaster@ursine.dyndns.org



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