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Re: Installation Error

John Shepherd wrote:
> Thanks go to the one person who wrote me and suggested
> I install from the CD instead of floppies.
> Unfortunately, my only access to a CD burner was
> through my now-dead windows machine and I don't have
> the patience to order CDs through the mail.
> So.....I took a guess that the partition I created for
> /boot was too small.   Maybe right, maybe not, but
> after increasing that partition to 200 meg, I was able
> to run through the 4 driver diskettes and 11 base
> diskettes and now I have a prompt!  woohoo!!
> On to learning linux and figuring out how to get my
> modem, NIC and CD drives running.....

That does indeed seem to have been your problem then.  IMHO 200 meg is
an enormous partition for /boot - I have 43 meg and its usage is 3%.


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